The Best CASE Pocket Knife Prices

All collectors are familiar with “Book Prices”.   People selling knives online will often say something like: “This knife books for $325.”  And if you watch, the knife will frequently sell for less than this.  Sometimes much less.  Here’s a true example:  I saw a book list a knife for $400.  In the same month, I saw a dealer price list that offered the knife for $185.   Two days later, the exact knife sold on ebay for $90.     Now if you were interested in buying this knife in the future, which price would you want to know?  Yep, the price the knife traded hands at–$90.

And that is what gives you, the price the knife was bought and sold for and the date of the sale.  Further, the trading price is adjusted for inflation so you know what that price would be in today’s dollars.

Here’s an example:  This is the price table from KnifeDB for a 1940 6202 ½ – the knife ID is 113.

Here’s what this table tells the interested collector:

  1. The knife sold for a wholesale price of $1.00 in 1942. Today, this dollar would be $16.33 after it is adjusted for inflation.  The condition of the knife at this sale was a 1.  (1 = New, 2 = Used, 3 = Worn, 4 = broke).
  2. In 2011, a knife in Condition 1 sold for $92. Adjusting for inflation, this knife sold for $108.89 in today’s money.  The knife increased from a 16.33 price in 1942 to $108.89 in 2021, a nice jump in actual value.
  3. Then in 2017, the knife sold for $46. While this seems like a dramatic decrease, look at the quality code.  The 3+ code indicates that this price is for a clearly worn knife but does not have any other serious issues.  This tells the collector a reasonable used value.

By adjusting for inflation (making prices in current dollars) the collector knows a price range based on condition (In this case about $110 for a new condition knife to about $50 for a used one).  This is simply put, the best, most accurate, realistic pricing information available. is the Case collector’s home.  Join today.

1999 Regular Member Case Collectors Club–2 variations.

Do you put away knives made for the CASE Collector’s Club? Here’s one I’ll bet you haven’t seen. It’s the 1999 regular member knife. BUT, the first one has a tang date of 1999, and the second has a year 2000 stamp.  Aren’t you glad you are a member of

Oklahoma 2000 National Champions Trapper Variations

In January 2001, Oklahoma won the year 2000 National Championship in football. And a fascinating story for Case knife collectors is created in a beautiful commemorative. First, a tang date 2000 knife can be found, even though the game wasn’t played until 2001. (First picture). AND, it can be found with a 2001 tang stamp date (2nd picture). Further, the 2001 knife has different handle jigging. AND, it can even be found with a 2002 tang stamp date (picture 3). AND, finally, the 2002 knife is found with a white top “OKLAHOMA” line on the clip, rather than a red line as seen on most of these. Another example of the wonderful collecting opportunities for the Case collector as seen in

Limited Edition IV – A 10 knife set with 21 knives

The Limited Edition series is very popular with Case Collectors. (You can see details on the first 25 sets here at Here are some interesting facts about the Limited Editions.
Limited Edition 1 (1995-96) did not have a mint set made with it. Ten knives were sold in set I with 2500 total sets made.
The mint sets were first produced in LE II. 250 sets of ten knives were produced with scrolled bolsters and serial numbers.
The first 5 sets were made with ten knives, but LE VI or 6 was produced with only 8 knives. The 8 knife set would become the new standard for both the regular and mint sets.
Because of increasing demand, by Limited Edition XIV (14), the number of sets increased to 3,000 but still with 8 knives in the set.
When I set out to document each knife in the various sets as well as finding a selling price for each individual knife in that set, I began to notice that some knives were made with different years. For example: a 1998 set might have a canoe with a 1998 date, but the same canoe might show up with a 1997 date. If the rest of the knives showed up with 1998 dates, then the canoe with two dates would each be rarer than the other knives. And collectors would want to know about this hidden rarity within a set. As time went by this became more and more interesting, and so today, I want to tell you about Limited Edition IV or 4.
Limited Edition IV was a ten knife set with black handles and a Saturn shield. So far I have identified 21 different knives from this set. Yes, in order to have a complete ten knife set, you would want to collect 21 knifes.  Here are some facts about IV. Knife 61100 SS has a 1997 tang stamp date only so far. But the C61050 SS can be found with 1995, 1996, 1997, and 1998 tang stamp dates. Each of these knives will be much rarer than the other knives in the set.  As I said, 21 different year date stamps can be found for the ten knife set.
If you love knowing these kinds of details, and the prices that each of these knives actually sold for then you need to be a member of There is nothing else like it, and it gets better every day. I have attached a few pictures from LE IV to show the dates. As you can tell can help you find hidden rarity.

General Custer Error Knife

Here’s one Case Collector’s will want. It’s a 1999 6254 SS trapper error made for General George Armstrong Custer. Take a minute and look at the closeup of the spey. At the top it says “DIED: July 25, 1876”. The only problem is the Battle of the Little Bighorn was June 25, 1876. The date of Custer’s death on the knife is a month off. See all the details of this and other error knives at

Knives with Contradictory Dates

On in the knife search page you can open “Other Features”. In this group is a box marked “Contradictory Dates”. If you click this box and search you will see 498 contradictory date knives. If you wonder what they are, then here is a great example. The blade work says “Decision 2000”, and shows Al Gore and George W. Bush. The spey says “Battle for the White House”, These imply that the President has not yet been chosen. But if you look at the tang stamp, it dates the blade to 2001, which is the year after the election is over. Become a member of and you can see 498 different knives like this. And that would be a remarkable collection.

Become a member Video

Quick video on becoming a member.  You will like it!