Happy Halloween–Case

The relatively new Halloween styled knives have proven to be a winner for the Case factory. They have escalated in price at a rapid pace.  They are typically orange or white smooth bone with laser designs.  The blades are usually serrated, hence the name “Pumpkin Carvers”. Thanks to David Tucker (Barre boy), and his efforts, […]

New! Subpattern Start and End Dates

CASE XX Collectors! Here’s a great new feature on KnifeDB.com. Suppose you want to collect peanuts or the Case 20 pattern.  Well, KnifeDB sets up what I call subpatterns for Collectors to use.  New subpatterns are created for changes in bolsters, blade counts and blade configurations. In other words there is a subpattern for peanuts […]

New Mini-Catalog on Big Nuts.

The Big Nuts first appeared in 1996 and the last dates seen on these knives is 1998. Typically several variations are made with different combinations of blade work, scrolled bolsters, and serial numbers. And there is typically a plain 5 bladed version also.

Improvement to My Collection

If you are one of the hundreds of collectors tracking your Case collection on KnifeDB.com, then you know that one of the features is the ability to add your own collection ID to the knives in your personal area. Now, if you print out your collection, your personal knife id has been added to the […]

Adding Modern Years to KnifeDb-Starting on 2011.

As a Case Collector you probably know that the foremost and only resource for actual selling prices of Case pocket knives is KnifeDB.com.  To date the strongest part of the database is from 1920 to 2010, while the weakest parts are the very early knives, and the knives made after 2010.  With the 1920 to […]

Say “Happy Anniversary John Deere” 21 times

I found a John Deere Sod Buster with a tractor on the front left handle and nice blade work that talked about the 150th Anniversary of John Deere.  So, I added it to the database. A while later, I found another one.  I said to myself, I think I’ve got that one, but I’ll check […]

Early NASCAR Factory Error Commemorative

So, you go to a knife show, and a nice clean 1976 sod buster catches your eye. You know that many collectors consider the 1975 and 1976 Kentucky bicentennial knives to be the first commemoratives and this knife is from that time period. You also know from KnifeDB.com that the earliest Case commemorative knives were […]

Important Announcement on COA’s

One of the goals of KnifeDB.com is to help the collector verify the authenticity of Case pocket knives. In the 1970’s this meant documenting tang stamps, but as the factory shifted from primarily providing tools for workers to creating more variations for collectors, Certificates of Authenticity became more common. Unfortunately, KnifeDB.com didn’t have a place […]

Tips while using Knifedb.com-The Underline symbol

After you find a knife you have searched for on KnifeDB.com, you may notice the underline character in the Remarks field. The remarks might describe blade work like this: “2006 _ Fort Myers Knife Club _ One of 30”. Think of the underline as saying that the next part after the underline symbol is a […]

Split in a 17 Knife Run

Here’s an interesting pair of red ruby celluloid handle knives from 1994.  These coke bottle shaped 50 pattern knives are from the Case Classics series and only 17 pieces total were made in the run. The tang stamp on the top knife shows 71050 as you would expect for a celluloid Classic.    BUT, the […]