Interesting Group.  The TVA 50th Anniversary
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Interesting Group.  The TVA 50th Anniversary

One of the great things about collecting Case knives is the richness and diversity of the collecting possibilities.  Take for example, the Tennessee Valley Authority 50th Anniversary knife.

I found my first one  with a 1983 tang stamp date.  That was also the year of the TVA 50th Anniversary.  It had the new grind blades and a gold wash on the blades.    The gold wash technique was not destined to last long, only a few years.  Similarly, new grind blades only were made from 1983 to part of 1985.

1983 New Grind Gold

1983 Gold Blades New Grind


Anyway, then I found an identical 1984 TVA knife variation with silver blades and the new grind

1984 CV Blades New Grind

Then I came across one  from 1984 with the gold blades and the new grind.

1984 Gold Blades New Grind

Finally, a 1985 TVA with the gold blades but a straight ground tang appeared.

1985 Gold Blades Straight Grind

So what we have as collectors, is the Tennessee Valley Authority 1983 50th Anniversary knives with four variations.  There are three different tang dates, three with gold blades, one with silver blades, and three new grind knives and the last one with a traditional straight grind.

You only get this kind of Case knife detail on KnifeDB.Com.  There is also at least one actual selling price for each of these inside.