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The mini-catalogs are designed to show the Case knife collector the wonderful possibilities in smaller collections. For example, when you click on the Halloween knives catalog, you will only see Halloween Case pocket knives in the results.

Please note that while we have information on thousands of Case knives, the web site is not yet complete. Also, in an effort to catch up, we have not added any knives after 2020 to the data. However, we work to improve the site and data almost every single day.

Also, you will notice two kinds of pictures in the mini-catalogs, most are in color and some are black and white. The black and white images represent a general pattern picture and are not an exact replica of the knife in the catalog. The color pictures, on the other hand are the exact knife discussed.

If you have a knife not in a catalog that should be, or a picture of a knife we show in black and white, we encourage you to send these pictures to If you do, we will add your name as an authority on this knife, if you wish.