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9/11 Attack on World Trade Center (13)

On September 11, 2001, the United States was attacked by terrorists. In 2002, the Case factory started a series of muskrat knives in remembrance of this event. These knives would all have unique model number stamps like 629/11 or 829/11 rather than the typical MUSKRAT stamp. 9/11 knives will be made in 2002, 2003, and 2004. Red and blue jigged bone knives would be made with all three tang years. A pearl handled muskrat would be made in 2003 only. Every knife would be sold in an oval tin with the stars and stripes flag on the lid. The blue handled knives all had a stars and stripes belt buckle in the tin, while the red did not have an accessory. The pearl handled knife included a Case collectable medallion. The red handle knife was made in the year 2002 in both the mini-muskrat and muskrat sizes. An interesting 2004 knife commemorates the 35th Anniversary of a Goodyear plant in Tennessee. It also has a 629/11 tang stamp, which was probably a left-over.

2001  3254 SS  id: 34224
2001  6254 SS  id: 10771
2011  6254 SS  id: 36389
2011  6254 SS  id: 36371
2002  Mini Muskrat SS  id: 8067
2002  Muskrat SS  id: 8804
2002  Muskrat SS  id: 26722
2003  MUSKRAT SS  id: 31922
2003  MUSKRAT SS  id: 8066
2003  MUSKRAT SS  id: 33738
2004  MUSKRAT SS  id: 32879
2004  MUSKRAT SS  id: 33752
2004  Muskrat SS  id: 8055