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Keeping Case Knife Trading Prices Current

Remember that the goal of KnifeDB.com is to show collectors the price levels at which knives traded hands:  in other words the actual buy/sell price.

Twice a year, KnifeDB.com takes its almost 43,000 actual knife prices and adjusts them for inflation. Then we list them all for collectors to use.  As you know we are experiencing an inflationary period.  Suppose a knife sold for $100 in the year 2000. We can tell you how much money that would be in 2023 dollars by doing this inflation calculation. Both the original price and the inflated price value are great tools for collectors to use in their buying and selling decisions.

The tables below shows the actual buy/sell price range for a 1970 5220 peanut. The PRICE column is the actual selling price for the year to the left. In the first row, the 5220 sold for $150 in 2018. The $180.64 price represents the $150 price adjusted for the amount of inflation since 2018.

Once again, the center column is actual prices in today’s dollars.   However you use it, this is valuable data for a knife collector.  And it is updated twice a year.  I have included the same table from the inflation calculation run 6 month earlier to show you how much inflation affects the prices.

KnifeDB.com saves you money. It pays for itself.  Own it and you can buy more knives…


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