A 2 Knife Set with 6 Knives
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A 2 Knife Set with 6 Knives

1984 Call of the Wild set

The set picture shows the two knife 1984 Call of the Wild set with gold wash blades. Notice that one of the knives has a straight ground tang, and the other has a new grind. At this time I have documented 6 different variations that occur in the set. If you go to KnifeDB.com you will see the following: Three 3254’s: a 1984 new grind, a 1985 new grind, and a 1985 straight. There are also 3 6254’s: a 1984 straight ground tang,, a 1985 straight ground tang, and a 1984 with the new grind. These are all “Call of the Wild” commemoratives.
If you wish to see all these with their actual selling prices, go to the advanced search page, and simply type “Call of the Wild” in the text search and enter.

6254 straight grind