Early NASCAR Factory Error Commemorative

So, you go to a knife show, and a nice clean 1976 sod buster catches your eye. You know that many collectors consider the 1975 and 1976 Kentucky bicentennial knives to be the first commemoratives and this knife is from that time period. You also know from KnifeDB.com that the earliest Case commemorative knives were […]

Important Announcement on COA’s

One of the goals of KnifeDB.com is to help the collector verify the authenticity of Case pocket knives. In the 1970’s this meant documenting tang stamps, but as the factory shifted from primarily providing tools for workers to creating more variations for collectors, Certificates of Authenticity became more common. Unfortunately, KnifeDB.com didn’t have a place […]

Tips while using Knifedb.com-The Underline symbol

After you find a knife you have searched for on KnifeDB.com, you may notice the underline character in the Remarks field. The remarks might describe blade work like this: “2006 _ Fort Myers Knife Club _ One of 30”. Think of the underline as saying that the next part after the underline symbol is a […]

Split in a 17 Knife Run

Here’s an interesting pair of red ruby celluloid handle knives from 1994.  These coke bottle shaped 50 pattern knives are from the Case Classics series and only 17 pieces total were made in the run. The tang stamp on the top knife shows 71050 as you would expect for a celluloid Classic.    BUT, the […]

2021 Status Update

In 2021 we added 1071 Case Pocket knives we didn’t know existed.  2673 knives got individual pictures that did not have them before.  Thanks, contributors!  At this time, 82.5% of the individual pocket knives in the data base have their exact picture shown.  This is up 9% from January 1, 2020.  There are 35,444 knife […]

Merry Christmas

  I have much to be thankful for.  Thanks to the 137 Case collectors who are my named authorities, and who regularly provide me with knife pictures.  Thanks to my 5,100 Case Collectors who follow me on Facebook.  Thanks to the people who support my 40+ years of work by becoming members of KnifeDB.Com.  Thanks […]

The Best CASE Pocket Knife Prices

All collectors are familiar with “Book Prices”.   People selling knives online will often say something like: “This knife books for $325.”  And if you watch, the knife will frequently sell for less than this.  Sometimes much less.  Here’s a true example:  I saw a book list a knife for $400.  In the same month, I […]

1999 Regular Member Case Collectors Club–2 variations.

Do you put away knives made for the CASE Collector’s Club? Here’s one I’ll bet you haven’t seen. It’s the 1999 regular member knife. BUT, the first one has a tang date of 1999, and the second has a year 2000 stamp.  Aren’t you glad you are a member of KnifeDB.com?

Oklahoma 2000 National Champions Trapper Variations

In January 2001, Oklahoma won the year 2000 National Championship in football. And a fascinating story for Case knife collectors is created in a beautiful commemorative. First, a tang date 2000 knife can be found, even though the game wasn’t played until 2001. (First picture). AND, it can be found with a 2001 tang stamp […]

Limited Edition IV – A 10 knife set with 21 knives

The Limited Edition series is very popular with Case Collectors. (You can see details on the first 25 sets here at KnifeDB.com). Here are some interesting facts about the Limited Editions. Limited Edition 1 (1995-96) did not have a mint set made with it. Ten knives were sold in set I with 2500 total sets […]