Oklahoma 2000 National Champions Trapper Variations

In January 2001, Oklahoma won the year 2000 National Championship in football. And a fascinating story for Case knife collectors is created in a beautiful commemorative. First, a tang date 2000 knife can be found, even though the game wasn’t played until 2001. (First picture). AND, it can be found with a 2001 tang stamp […]

Limited Edition IV – A 10 knife set with 21 knives

The Limited Edition series is very popular with Case Collectors. (You can see details on the first 25 sets here at KnifeDB.com). Here are some interesting facts about the Limited Editions. Limited Edition 1 (1995-96) did not have a mint set made with it. Ten knives were sold in set I with 2500 total sets […]

General Custer Error Knife

Here’s one Case Collector’s will want. It’s a 1999 6254 SS trapper error made for General George Armstrong Custer. Take a minute and look at the closeup of the spey. At the top it says “DIED: July 25, 1876”. The only problem is the Battle of the Little Bighorn was June 25, 1876. The date […]

Knives with Contradictory Dates

On KnifeDB.com in the knife search page you can open “Other Features”. In this group is a box marked “Contradictory Dates”. If you click this box and search you will see 498 contradictory date knives. If you wonder what they are, then here is a great example. The blade work says “Decision 2000”, and shows […]