A 2 Knife Set with 6 Knives
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New! Subpattern Start and End Dates

CASE XX Collectors!

Here’s a great new feature on KnifeDB.com.

Suppose you want to collect peanuts or the Case 20 pattern.  Well, KnifeDB sets up what I call subpatterns for Collectors to use.  New subpatterns are created for changes in bolsters, blade counts and blade configurations.

In other words there is a subpattern for peanuts with no bolsters and 1 blade, followed by no bolsters and two blades.  Then single bolster peanuts with one blade and so on up to two bolster peanuts with 5 blades.

Each subpattern tells the collector how many knives have been found like this.  The peanut we all think of with two bolsters, two blades, is one of the subpatterns.  It says that there are 1,012 knives made in this configuration that have been documented.

And the new feature we have added also tells you when that subpattern started and stopped. Of course the factory can add future knives that might change the end date, but as these are added to the data base, they will automatically update the end dates.

On the sample below three of the 17 peanut subpatterns are shown.    The green arrows show the quantity of the subpattern currently found.  The blue arrows show start and end dates for the subpattern.

For example, the first peanut with scissors was made in 2000, but it is still being made today.   (2012 is currently the last year documented).   The SouthPaw peanut (left handed) has six knives and they were made from 2004 to 2006.

The three blade peanut shows only three knifes made from 1998 to 1999.  But there is another 3 bladesubpattern with a different three blades.  There are also 4 and 5 bladed peanuts you can research.

The fact is that whatever you want to collect, KnifeDB.com is there to help.