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Rare Stingray Jigging

Of the 20,000 Case pocket knives I have found and documented on the Case database, only 3 have been discovered with “stingray” jigging, making this a very unique handle. You can see all the details by simply typing stingray in the remarks field on the advanced search page. I have also posted the pictures here […]

A Case for Small Pocket Knives

Summary and New Case XX Collector Tips: A vintage small pocket knife collection can be put together for much less money than the large knives command. Originally much more common, vintage small knives may be rarer today than their big counterpart. This implies that there may be nice upward potential in the price of smaller […]

CASE XX New Grind Pocket Knives

Case XX Pocket Knives and the New Grind Part 1 By the Blade Master   Looking back we can identify knives that have become highly collectible.  Most frequently, our guide is price.  Sadly, by the time the price tells us that a knife has become highly desirable, most of us can no longer afford it. With hindsight, […]