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Say “Happy Anniversary John Deere” 21 times

I found a John Deere Sod Buster with a tractor on the front left handle and nice blade work that talked about the 150th Anniversary of John Deere.  So, I added it to the database.

A while later, I found another one.  I said to myself, I think I’ve got that one, but I’ll check the data.  Turned out that the tang stamp date was a year later, so I added that one to the database.

Both of these were small Sod Busters, 3137’s.  But the next one I found with the same markings was a 3138 large Sod Buster.

Next I noted one that was almost the same, but the tractor had been replaced  with a mule and a man with a plow.

In the meantime, different blade materials had shown up.  And, these are all still John Deere 150th Anniversary knives,

When I found one with a 1999 year stamp I decided to post this article for collectors.  After all 1999 was twelve years after 150th Anniversary.    This is like celebrating your 21st birthday when you turn 33.

As best I can tell, the John Deere dealerships continued to sell these to John Deere tractor owners long after the anniversary.   And the dealerships continued to reorder year after year.

I have attached a table that shows the different knives, and their prices that range from the $20s for used to over $110.  Remember my prices are actual selling prices adjusted for inflation.

I believe that these knives are a great collecting opportunity for young or beginning collectors.    First, getting all of them will be a real challenge, but it would also be a great set to display.  And this collection could be put together for a relatively modest cost.

You can see all 21 knives on KnifeDB.com.  You could put in the individual knife ID’s in the table to see a knife or two.  But, here’s the easy way to see them all  Click the custom work tab.  In the “Feature” drop down click Blade Work.  In the text box, type 150th.    Search and three pieces of blade work show up with 150th on the.  The bottom one is the John Deere 150th anniversary blade.  Click “Show Knives” and you see all 21 of the 150th Anniversary knifes.  (I can never know if I have all the collecting variations).

Please consider joining KnifeDB.com.  Help support my lifetime of work for Case Collectors.

CASE XX – John Deere 150th Anniversary Knives
Plow or
Tractor 3137 or Chrome or  Price KnifeDB
Year Handle 3138 Stainless  Paid ID
1986 Plow 3137 Chrome  $          94.00 36198
1986 Tractor 3137 Chrome  $          48.00 31851
1987 Tractor 3137 Chrome  $          55.00 35767
1987 Tractor 3137 Stainless  $          51.00 35763
1987 Plow 3138 Stainless  $          68.00 35768
1987 Tractor 3138 Stainless  $        112.00 35772
1988 Tractor 3137 Stainless  $          58.00 36197
1988 Tractor 3138 Chrome  $          27.00 35616
1989 Tractor 3137 Chrome  $          72.00 35278
1989 Tractor 3137 Stainless  $          43.00 35386
1989 Tractor 3138 Stainless  $          61.00 35769
1990 Tractor 3137 Stainless  $          51.00 35697
1991 Plow 3138 Stainless  $          51.00 36196
1992 Tractor 3137 Stainless  $          55.00 35384
1994 Tractor 3137 Chrome  $          42.00 35385
1994 Tractor 3137 Stainless  $          38.00 35279
1994 Tractor 3138 Stainless  $        121.00 35764
1994 Plow 3138 Stainless  $          57.00 35771
1995 Tractor 3137 Chrome  $          68.00 29301
1996 Tractor 3138 Stainless  $          95.00 35770
1999 Tractor 3137 Chrome  $          92.00 36195