A 2 Knife Set with 6 Knives
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Oklahoma 2000 National Champions Trapper Variations

In January 2001, Oklahoma won the year 2000 National Championship in football. And a fascinating story for Case knife collectors is created in a beautiful commemorative. First, a tang date 2000 knife can be found, even though the game wasn’t played until 2001. (First picture). AND, it can be found with a 2001 tang stamp date (2nd picture). Further, the 2001 knife has different handle jigging. AND, it can even be found with a 2002 tang stamp date (picture 3). AND, finally, the 2002 knife is found with a white top “OKLAHOMA” line on the clip, rather than a red line as seen on most of these. Another example of the wonderful collecting opportunities for the Case collector as seen in KnifeDB.com.