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Important Announcement on COA’s

One of the goals of is to help the collector verify the authenticity of Case pocket knives. In the 1970’s this meant documenting tang stamps, but as the factory shifted from primarily providing tools for workers to creating more variations for collectors, Certificates of Authenticity became more common. Unfortunately, didn’t have a place to put them or a way to display them for collectors. But thanks to developer Matt Truty, that is no longer the case. We are pleased to announce that we will be routinely adding COA’s to help our collectors verify the authenticity of their knives. Our first COA documented a knife sold in the CASE factory collection. Here is a picture. If you are a member, you can see the large COA at knifeDB ID=35728. At the bottom of the remarks box, there is a “View COA” line. Just click there. There aren’t many yet, but there will be, as we continue improving everyday.