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Early NASCAR Factory Error Commemorative

So, you go to a knife show, and a nice clean 1976 sod buster catches your eye. You know that many collectors consider the 1975 and 1976 Kentucky bicentennial knives to be the first commemoratives and this knife is from that time period. You also know from KnifeDB.com that the earliest Case commemorative knives were frequently done on Sod Busters, so you turn it over and you see a race car and “WOODS BROS. MERCURY” on the blade back. And now you get excited. As a NASCAR fan you know that Glen Wood started Wood Brothers racing in 1950. Case also created a number of NASCAR commemorative knives, but most were made years later making this very early NASCAR. Finally, the blade should say “WOOD BROS.” not “WOODS BROS”. There is an error in the custom work.
So, very early NASCAR plus very early 1976 commemorative plus factory error in the custom work equals a very desirable collectable.