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Adding Modern Years to KnifeDb-Starting on 2011.

As a Case Collector you probably know that the foremost and only resource for actual selling prices of Case pocket knives is  To date the strongest part of the database is from 1920 to 2010, while the weakest parts are the very early knives, and the knives made after 2010.  With the 1920 to 2010 knives approaching 90% completion I have decided to put more focus on the weaker areas.  To that end I am proud to announce that I have begun work on the 2011 knives, and will continue to try to move forward in time.

I did this because many books and  price guides cover the old knives, but no one covers the prices paid for the new ones.  One reason is that there are a great number of knife variations made each year in the modern era.  For example:  I have started on year 2011, and I have focused on trappers so far.  Of 270 2011 knives I have added 181 of them are trappers with actual selling prices.    The collector simply will not find this information anywhere else.