A 2 Knife Set with 6 Knives
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Case Knife Quality Codes

The Blademaster has set up sub groups within the 4 major categories. For example: What about the knife that has never been sharpened or carried, but got a couple of age spots or a pin crack? It’s not really mint, yet it has never been carried or sharpened. Using the Blademaster’s system this is easy. It’s a 1- (a one minus). New, never sharpened, but with minor flaws. Learn More >

Year Range Search

To find a knife in the database, the Blade Master suggests you use a combination of the year and model number. Learn More >

Model Number Search

For best results, type in the “Simple” model number. For many knives the tang stamp model number is the simple model number.  Learn More >

Database Number Search

The Collector’s Guide to Case Pocket Knives assigns a unique number to every knife variation it has found. If you know this number you can go directly to this knife variation by typing it in here. Learn More >

Factory Number Search

The Case Factory assigns a number to each knife. These are found in a catalog, or on the box, if the box is present. You should be aware that the factory has reused these numbers, and therefore, these are not unique identifiers.Learn More >

Handle Code Search

Suppose you just want to collect a certain handle material. Then this field is for you. Learn More >

Tang Grind Search

Approximately 97% of the knives currently in the data base have a straight ground tang. But in 1983, 1984 and 1985, the so called new grind or shoulderless grinds were made. This field is for the collectors who want to specialize in new grind knives. Learn More >

Case Catalog Search

The BladeMaster has encountered many collectors who are not interested in the more ornate knives like mint sets, commemoratives, club knives and so on. (And also many collectors who are!). Anyway, if you like the regular production knives, this search is for you. Learn More >

Text Search

This search seeks an exact match to whatever you type, but only in the REMARKS field of each knife variation. Tip: Be as short and specific as possible. The search will be exactly as you type it: typing Wayne and then John will not find John Wayne. Learn More >

Blade Material Search

For generations, Case made knives with stainless steel blades or regular steel called Chrome Vanadium. If you search on either of these fields you will get thousands of knives unless you further limit the search by year or handle, or something else. Learn More >

Sub Patterns

By splitting the patterns into sub patterns the Blade Master gives the pattern collector enormous flexibility. Clicking on pattern 54 shows 20 different sub patterns or families of knives. Learn More >


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Purchase Price

Entering what you paid allows knifedb to tell you how much you paid for your entire collection. It also allows the calculation of the average price you paid for your knives.Learn More >

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